Interlok Rod Pod System

All specialist and carp anglers at one point in time or another, will come across situations where the need to use a rod pod is apparent. Ourselves at Interlok have looked at what the majority of anglers will need, and rather than create a specific rod pod, we decided that we could manufacture a set of bars that turned our goalpost or snag bar arrangements into a totally free standing module.

As an engineering company, we were well aware of similar products that did not exactly suit the requirements of the angler, and we designed - what we feel is - the perfect answer.

The Interlok Rod Pod bars are a set of two bars, that the banksticks of goalpost/snag bar buzzer bar arrangements slot in to to create a totally rock solid and stable setup.

To alleviate any possible twisting of the pod when assembled, we use a combination of 2 thumbscrews on each end boss to secure the bankstick in place. The use of 2 thumbscrews means that there is double the point of contact between the bars and the bankstick which minimise movement, as well as the chance of scratching the banksticks outer coating.

The colouration of each rod pod bar is obtained by deep hard anodising of the raw material. This gives a robust coating that is more resistant to scratches than standard anodisation.

We supply the pod as either a complete 3 rod pod (which can be used as a goalpost setup as well) or as a pair of bars to convert your existing Interlok goalpost setup.

All components are available in either Black or Silver colouration.


Rod Pod Adaptor Bars

Product Code: KAL1199
Price: £95.99 Set of Two

A pair of adjustable adaptor bars to convert your existing Interlok goalpost setup into a freestanding module.


Complete 3 Rod Pod

Product Code: KAL1200
Price: £225.99

The complete rod pod kit consists of the following: 2 x 455mm main bars, 4 x threaded upright studs, 2 x upright studs, 2 x 9" chunky banksticks, 2 x 12" chunky banksticks, 2 x pod adaptor bars.


Pod Bar Adaptor Bush

Product Code: KAL1201
Price: 20.00 (Set Of Four)

A black acetal split bush that fits into the boss of the pod bars so they can then accept the slimline banksticks.



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