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UK Match Angler - The Complete Anglers Information Centre

UK Match Angler reviewed our products recently and wrote a comprehensive review of the products that they received.

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Review by Chris "Essex Man" Woodrow

If you think all bank-sticks and buzz bars are the same, think again!!! I have been using this product for the last few weeks and I am thoroughly impressed with the sheer quality and versatility of the Interlok system. It is available in 2, 3, and 4 rod versions. You are able to fish this system as a single bank-stick, a goal post setup or a snag bar system. Interlok also offer the option of turning your snag bar system into a complete rod pod by adding two pod adaptor bars.

All bank-sticks and buzz bars have a superb quality finish available in either natural or black and are made from high grade aluminium. The black version has the colour mixed in with the aluminium in the engineering process, thus making it more resistant to scratching as it isn’t just surface treated. All bank-sticks and buzz bars also have a tapered slot machined out of the aluminium to stop twist/vertical movement and come with solid thumbscrews to aid stability. Every bank-stick and buzz bar has ‘Made in England’ subtly engraved into its surface. Just to cap it all off, the banksticks have a corkscrew point firmly secured with aircraft wing glue.

Interlok have taken the bank-stick and buzz bar and added there own little twist making it the most versatile interchangeable aluminium system that I have seen to-date. Either version, whether finished in black or natural, will cover every fishing situation.

Prices range from £16.99 to £44.99 for bank-sticks and buzz bars, pod adaptor bars are £89.99 per pair.

Finally, I can highly recommend this innovative and exciting new product from a British based engineering company!

Chris ‘Essex Man’ Woodrow.

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